Sinus Communications

Home Care Instructions for Sinus Exposure

Occasionally, after the removal of upper teeth, you may develop an opening between your mouth and maxillary sinus. This is called an Oro-Antral communication. In most cases, it is easily treated with the following simple instructions.

  • Do NOT blow your nose. This will cause flow of air or sinus contents through the wound and keep it open.
  • Sneeze or cough with your mouth open, allowing pressure to pass through normal sinus passages rather than the surgical wound. Holding back or trying to suppress a sneeze creates a lot of pressure in the sinus and can re-open wounds that are healing.
  • Do NOT smoke. The suction created during smoking keeps the wound open, and smoking in general impairs proper wound healing.
  • Do NOT drink from a straw. Again, the pressure created by the action of sucking will maintain the opening that is trying to close.
  • Maintain a soft diet and avoid the injured area while chewing.

There are several treatments for Oro-antral communications and your surgeon will decide which is best for your individual case. Following these instructions is usually all that is required and your wound will close spontaneously. If your wound does not close spontaneously, a secondary procedure may be planned, and you may be asked to wear a surgical splint following your surgery.

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